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LED Decorative PE Stone Lamp

Rotational Moulding Shape, 

Custom Plastic Moulding Solutions

Are you looking for a custom plastic moulding solution? Have you got a design in mind but can’t put it down on paper? 

From design to prodution, we can help you make your vision come true!

Rotational moulding is a very competitive alternative to blow moulding, thermoforming and injection moulding for the manufacture of hollow plastic parts. It offers designers the chance to produce stress-free articles, with near uniform wall thickness and complex shapes.

Rotational moulding involves a heated hollow mould, filled with a charge or shot weight of material being slowly rotated causing the material to evenly disperse around the mould and stick to the walls. In order to ensure all sides will have even thickness of wall, the mould is continually rotated at all times while being heated. This also ensures that sagging and deformation do not occur during the cooling phased.

We at Rotational Plastics offer all custom plastic moulding solutions, no matter what it is that you require. Our team have years of experience in design and fabrication of plastics. Our equipment is ready to handle any job you may need done. Talk to us today about getting your plastic product made, whether it’s a one-off or a large supply.

Advantages LED PE Stone Lamp

Moden, Fashion, Very strong, Customized color and style, IP65 or IP68 available

Indoor and outdoor used 

LLDPE  plastic

a. Anti-UV
b. Anti-static
c. Security
d. Environmental protection
e. Color is not easy to fade
f. very strong

Light Source For Choose

1. Waterproof light with rechargeable battery

2. SMD LED Light with  High quality driver

3. E27 base with LED bulb light

LED Stone Light

1.Φ120x80x50cm     2. Φ80x61x46cm     3. Φ72x50x42cm     4.Φ48x45x40cm

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