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LED Garden Decoration Light


Product Features

The LLDPE plastic ball lamps, stool, chairs, tables, moon lights used to the garden for decoration light and amusement facilities.

It is very strong, Environment friendly, color changing, Waterproof IP65 or IP68, battery Rechargeable with solar or adapter.

These items also widely use for street, ground, courtyard and pool.

Ornament, decoration, fashion, lighting to Create a comfortable and beautiful environment.

1. 16 RGB color changing controlled by 24 key infrared remote.
2. Not afraid of firelight & scratchs.
3. Both decorative & practical coexsit.
4. Different shapes available meet clients requirement.
5. Easy to clean very light( a adult can move it).


LED PE Garden Light

Swing, Ball, Luminous stool,Flower pot…

LED Ball, Moon Light

Size : 12/15/20/25/35/40/50/60/80/100cm

LED Ball Lamp on Ground

Garden Decoration LED Ball Lamp

LED Ball Lamp on Garden Wall Light

Swimming Pool IP68 DC12V Ball Light

LED Moon Lamp Hang PE Ball

LED Ball in Ground Lighting

Luminous PE Flower Pot

Luminous Cube Chair
Size : 10/15/20/25/35/40/50/60/80cm

LED Glowing words

Electronic Parts

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