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Modern PE LED Ceiling Lamp

Product Description

LED Ceiling Light Specifications

Model No. Input Voltage Rated Power Shape Size Lumens
CL001-30R AC100-240V 23W Round ∅300*95mm 2300lm
CL001-46R AC100-240V 38W Round ∅460*110mm 3800lm
CL001-60R AC100-240V 56W Round ∅600*115mm 5600lm
CL002-20S AC100-240V 23W Square 200*200*75 2300lm
CL002-30S AC100-240V 23W Square 300*300*92 2300lm
CL002-45S AC100-240V 38W Square 450*450*105 3800lm
CL002-58S AC100-240V 56W Square 580*580*110 5600lm

LED Ceiling Light Installation

This PE cover LED ceiling lights are surface mounted lamp and pendant lamp installed.

About PE plastic Ceiling Lamp Cover

LLDPE made from Thailand

LED Ceiling Lamp

1) Rotational mold for high quality,Economic cost, short lead-time , very strong , cheap tooling cost
2) Various texture : polished, sand blast, teflon coating
3) The edge of rotational molding products can reach more than 5mm
4) Variety of inserts can be placed to rotational mold.
5) Design flexibility-from small and intricate to large and complex.
6) Rotational molding products with uniform wall thickness-nothing in the extremites
7) Rotational molding products can be filled with foam material, to achieve thermal insulation.
8) No need to adjust the mold, the thickness of rotational molding products can be adjusted.
9) It’s available to deal with a variety of surface patterns and produce products in various colors.
10)custom logo print/customer’s design


More style LED Ceiling Lamp

Fashion, Modern and Assembly for choose

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